I was hanging out on the streets til early morning.  It may not be such a big deal if you were an adult - but I was only 14.     You've heard of that kind of child before one who always was out in the streets and doing things they weren't supposed to be doing - well that was me. 
My mother would fuss at me - but I didn't  listen.  I would argue with my mother, I would yell at her, slam the door and go about my business, I thought nothing of her feelings.  As a matter of fact, didn't really care about anyone's feelings.  Yeah, I was selling, dealing the whole nine yards - and never got caught. 
I was living the dream - bringing in lot of stuff and getting the due credit for it too.  Let's not leave out the arrogance.  People would try and tell me the right way to go.  I shunned the thought of having to answer to anyone.  I was my own man.
But it took that one early morning, when someone pulled a knife out on me.  We struggled for the overpower.  He punched me - I then him until we found ourselves on the ground.  You see, there was no one around at that time  (typically in that location there would be children playing, parents walking around, crossing guards on the lookout and cops on the beat) but that was not the case here at 3:00 am.  Find out more about my story ...
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I was hanging out on the streets ...til early morning... and then it happened !

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Here are the details. Here is where you will find out how the fight was won; how the battle was broken and how the hearts were mended.
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