You Ever Been There ?

Have You Ever Been There

at the crux of no return

Tell me, have you ever been there?  Ya know when you just wanted to quit, a place where you dreaded to go not on account that it was dangerous. But, just a place where you didn't feel like it today or you were just fed up with the way things are?  I know many of us have been there.  But, here's my take on it.  The crude reality of unemployment hit, then a good friend and my partner walked out of my life, then I was at the brink of losing my house.  Alot was bearing on my,  I knew I needed to stop giving God the cold shoulder.  Something was pulling at me - until I gave in.  I put my trust in Him.  Shortly thereafter, thru prayer - I recieved a letter in the mail - claiming that my $6,000.00 bill was paid in full.  And things were looking up.  I was inclined to think that it was my doing; but I quickly realized this was about me putting my trust in God.  I realize now that if I just talk to God, tell Him about ALL of my troubles and I mean really put all cares, concerns, problems and chaotic situations on Him - He will make a way.