Wednesday's Story

Getting over the hump, is the best way to say 'I've made it this far this week, I have a few more days to get to the weekend'.  This thought has been around for a long time and it sometimes carries a negative tone.    It's high time we look at it a little further and delve into why it exists and ways to eliminate the harshness of it.  

We not only will analyze the 'what and why' but we will send you stories of how people dealt with the stressors of life's journeys. 

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Encouragement, empowerment ! YES 'REVIVE'

It's here and It's like no other.  Don't be consumed with the bad, 

REVIVE issues

The invitation to empower

REVIVE is a monthly publication.  We detail the calm in all of the calamity. If you have a story that you'd like to share, click the provided button and send us a message that you'd like to submit.  We'll send you more info. 

The Day I Took My Last Breath

- or so I thought

My story is a plethora of hospital stays; enduring intense pain and agony.  For years, I had to succomb to searing discomfort and rushing to the hospital.  Looking back, I can only raise my hand and thank God - for bringing me thru.  My story began as joint pain that grew to enormous proportions.  If you want to get a sneak peak of next month's issue - I can leave you with this:  BEFORE THINGS GOT BETTER, there was another TREMENDOUS HURDLE I HAD TO FACE. Be sure to follow my story in June's issue of 'REVIVE'!   


If you have a story that you'd like to share - click the link below. Write in the subject line "I have a story".We will contact you shortly. 

The MONSTER that lives within

An anxiety attack

You may have heard my story from the article in 'REVIVE' April issue and just like I uttered its devastating blows, I can scream "I HEARD AN OLD OLD STORY bout a Savior who came from glory and He gave His life on Calvary to save a WRETCH like me..." and thru it all I have the victory.  

Ain't No Need a'Worryin