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REVIVE Nation, a gem in the world of Life-Changing News & Media since 1993, is your one-stop interactive platform for factual storytelling and information. We connect eager readers and advertisers, sharing stories that inspire and inform. We are not just a publication; we are a community.

How We Got Started


Our journey began in 1993 as a newsletter called 'Communities In Action'. 'Communities In Action' (CIA) was distributed throughout targeted communities within PA and NJ. ‘CIA’s mission was to enlighten residents to engage in various events in their communities. It also contained feature articles about God's intervention in one's life. Later, it grew to become a tabloid reaching the tri state areas.
As time went on, the name 'REVIVE Nation' became more fitting to our cause. In 2013, along with 'REVIVE' magazine (RN) created an 8wk youth program in creative learning. In 2021, (RN) added ‘The Post’ to its program. ‘The Post’ is a two-day online morning clip of positive statements. A year later, in 2022, (RN) added a weekly online prayer called 'A Monday Morning Prayer' and the Thursday 'POPoff' series. POPoffs are weekly online video clips of encouragement. RN operates in Camden, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Philadelphia and Pinellas counties within these 3 states: Fla., NJ and PA. its two 8 week sessions begin in the fall. To learn more click below to request more information



'REVIVE'  is about VICTORY. 

Victory over heartache, emotional pain, turmoil and anguish.  Our stories spell VICTORY in every position, shape and form.  The transformations that take place because of God's omnipotent grace, love and power.  We reach the OTHER side of sadness, madness, mishaps and catastrophe.  IT IS REVIVE - the magazine.

We are now in digital print as well  - with a new awareness , we are JUMPstarting a new venture.  

'REVIVE' is a word that brings about vitality, vigor, renewal, rebirth and a quickening of a duldrum spirit.  We rejoice because in spite of it all - we know that GOD IS VICTORIOUS in all things !!  

Take the steps with us throughout our site and explore God's wonder, God's peace, God's omnipotence, and God's love.


Help me fill out the missing words

In this puzzle, it will be your job to fill in the missing words so that a complete paragraph can be created.  This is a creative way to accomplish a feat, but it has to make sense at the end.  

I open up my  __________  and I see light.  I am surprised at how bright the _______  is.  With the  ____  shining and the heat ablaze, I wonder at the glory of  ___________  and I marvel at his  power.  I say ___________    ______________   Lord for all that you __________ done for me.